Why Emergent Literacy?

This question is two fold; Why did we name our organization Emergent Literacy and Why choose us?

When choosing a name, we batted around ideas for 30 minutes or so, wanting to uplift and inspire without using too many words. We wanted to describe what literacy will do for kids. The sense of freedom, accomplishment and opportunity that is tied to literacy is what we wished to convey. Then out of nowhere the word emergent was introduced. The word emergent is defined as:

-Coming into existence

-Occurring unexpectedly and requiring urgent action

We knew after reading the exact definition that it was the perfect way to describe our mission. We want all children to take off and emerge into learning and grow into their potential. We also feel that the issue of literacy is an urgent matter and a great obstacle to tackle that is life changing. So this is how our name was born!

Now, why choose us to help improve literacy and promote its importance in our community and beyond? We are parents. Teachers. Community advocates. Believers in elevating and uplifting all children no matter what level. We meet kids where they are but help them to reach beyond their expectations and past experiences to reach heights they never knew were possible.

We look forward to traveling on the journey with you all. Every word read, is a stepping stone towards a promising and positive future for everyone.