Why We Started This Alliance

This page was born out of the desire for members of Fairfax County School Public School parents to have their children return to school. Some awesome parents on 2 Facebook pages decided to join forces and work on legislation and hold rallies and post informative information on ways to safely get our kids back in the room due to the Covid restrictions and guidelines. Since the spring was such a disaster in not only Fairfax County Public Schools, but schools all over Northern VA and for the nation that matter, parents and their kids (60 percent in FCPS) decided that in school was the only way for children to receive the education that they deserve. Despite the numerous articles from a myriad of sources from CNN to American Pediatrics Association to NPR stating that schools must meet in person, our governor and school systems all over the Northern VA region and beyond deemed our schools unsafe. The push of unions and some educators who refuse to go back to work until “It’s Safe” have forced parents’ hand all over the region. Putting the education of children into the laps of families has caused a mass exodus to private schooling and homeschooling outside of the virtual dregs we in the middle are left to deal with. So, this group was thus formed and will fight to make sure kids back into the physical classroom and that life continues as normal as possible because this virus is here to stay. Not accepting the status quo is what this group is about. If you find yourself agreeing with whatever crumbs the school boards hand out, or if you don’t get why parents are so enraged about virtual schooling, then this is probably not your spot.

The ultimate goals:

Get kids into school

Have activities continue

Make sure educational requirements are being met

Stay in touch with school admin by attending meetings/weighing in

Hold public officials accountable when there are failures/gaps in learning

Unite as Parents and Students to make the public school experience the best it can be

We would love your input. So please head over to the contact page and subscribe, email us if you want to share your story or perspective or thoughts. Follow us on Instagram for updates on rallies/meetings/events in our local areas and around the state.

Thanks for stopping by and we are glad you took the time to visit our page. We look forward to working with you!

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